Montag, 23. April 2012

Michigirl / Kat Macleod

© Kat Macleod 

Bought a book.
Seen it.
Fell in love!

Thanks 4 that
Kat Macleod!

Last week i was on holiday, I was spending most of the time behind my computer
or in bookshops. I was searching for new inspirations for my internet site. Renew the Layout of dekoveries, personalise it, and make a concept out of it, that's the plan!

I have amazing people that I work with, who help me and support me to get to the result that I want. (!/ChristianBiever &!/IsamuReuter)

Then I held this book in my hands and knew, that it was the one I'm gonna buy.
Colourful, fresh, spontaneous, with much personality!

I would like to share that with you...
Hope you have as much fun as I had to discover these illustrations... 

© Kat Macleod  Bird Girl Illustration 

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